The #WeAreNature campaign is a grassroots movement to change UK dictionary definitions of the word nature to include humans.

Our goal is to amplify that We Are Nature.
1. The phenomena of the physical world collectively; esp. plants, animals, and other features and products of the earth itself, as opposed to humans or human creations.
Oxford English Dictionary

Change the Definition, Change our Connection

Our aim with the #WeAreNature campaign is to persuade all of the major UK dictionaries to change their definition of  'nature' to include humans.
#WeAreNature is a campaign led by Lawyers for Nature & House of Hackney, and supported by a fast-growing group of organisations, charities, academics, artists, writers, politicians, activists and school children who believe passionately that humans are a part of Nature. We hope that amplifying this message will help us to protect the natural world, for ourselves, and for future generations.

UK dictionaries do not include humans in their definitions of nature.

We believe that the current definitions of nature do not reflect the growing scientific evidence and overwhelming consensus that humans are part of Nature and a wider ecosystem.

These definitions reinforce the idea that we are separated from Nature and impact how we consider Nature in our behaviours and actions. The belief that we are distinct from and superior to Nature is driving climate breakdown and destroying biodiversity.

Our language, words and definitions have a huge impact and influence on society; our aim is that anyone searching for the meaning of nature will see there is a wider alternative and this could impact court cases, legislation and education.
Wistman's Wood
© Take my Hand - Wistman’s Wood by Neil Burnell

“Nature is…
the entire living world - it, them, me, you and us…”

Chris Packham

Nature Thrives on Collaboration

We invited academics, creatives, activists, politicians, and school children to share their definitions of nature. The responses overwhelmingly viewed Nature as including humans. We submitted these to the Oxford English Dictionary. They agreed to modify the wider meaning of nature. Whilst this is a huge achievement, it is just the beginning.
We now want all dictionaries to modify their entries of nature to include humans. We have sent our open letter to all of the major UK dictionaries, and we invite you to join the movement and sign the petition for change.
René Antoine Houasse - Apollo Pursuing Daphne

Join The Movement

Be a part of Nature, not apart from Nature

1. Sign the Petition

We’ve started a petition on

If you agree that we need to change our definitions and help restore our connection with the natural world please sign it.

2. Spread the Word

This campaign started with a conversation. We invite you to keep it going.

We have a collective power to make a change. By remembering we are a part of Nature, we hope we can strengthen our ability to protect it.

What Is Nature?

“Nature is the living tapestry of all things which shines all around us.”

Ben Goldsmith

"The greatest group noun of them all; the entangled web of planetary life of which humans are inextricably part."

Robert MacFarlane

"…Nature is all that gives life, takes life and witnesses life."

Joycelyn Longdon

“The word ‘nature’ comes from ‘nato’ which means ‘birth’ so everything born means nature."

Satish Kumar

“All of life - tangible and intangible."

Mumta Ito

“The entire living world - it, them, me, you and us and everything that it creates and impacts or influences, and the physical world and all the forces, events and processes that act upon it."

Chris Packham

“The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, humans, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth."

Cristobel Reed

“We are nature, defending itself. And nature is us: every interdependent living being on this precious life giving planet."

Caroline Lucas

How Do You Define Nature?

Please note: Submitting your definition gives us permission to use it in the campaign.

With Thanks

#WeAreNature campaign has been put together at lightening speed and on a small budget thanks to the support of many people.

Your help has been immeasurable.
See everyone who made this campaign possible here.

Read the dictionary definition contributions here.
Mud Maid by Julian Stephens
© Mud Maid by Sue & Pete Hill, photographed by Julian Stephens
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The impact of your support has the power to help truly consider Nature as our Home.

What we believe about our place in Nature, largely determines how we perceive, value, shape and interact with it.

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