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We have written an open letter signed by a number of academics, artists, activists, politicians and school children with their definitions of how they use the word nature. The Oxford English Dictionary agreed to reinstate an old sense of nature that includes humans. They also agreed to keep the main definition under review and to change it if and when it becomes the most frequently used meaning for nature. We also want the remaining UK dictionaries to follow their precedent, to modify their entries of nature so that they include humans, or at the very least have a wider meaning which does so.

Our approach:

1.We sent the informal definitions written by our contributors, along with evidence of humans being described as part of Nature from 1850 to the present day to the OED. They modified their entry to the extent that:

2.The wider meaning of nature: wider sense: the whole of the natural world, including human beings is no longer described as being obsolete;

3.They included evidence of usage for the wider sense of nature from 1850 to the present day; They made the entire entry for nature free and accessible for all to view it.

Their modification is to be commended. However, the main definition remains the same. They have said this is based on frequency of use, and we have asked them to keep this under review and to change the main definition if and when this changes, which they have agreed to do.

Changing the definition of nature in this way is an important step in this movement. The intricate balance of life in the natural world, of which humans are a part, must be protected. By campaigning for an inclusive definition for nature where we are part of something bigger than our own species and, in the future, by giving Nature legal rights to exist, persist and maintain itself and ultimately regenerate its vital cycles, it will enable us to find balance in Nature for the benefit of future generations.

Jessie Mond Wedd & Frieda Gormley
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A special thank you to everyone who contributed to the #WeAreNature campaign.
Aja Barber
Alex May
Amy-Jane Beer
Andres Roberts
Andy Goldsworthy
Anne Hopkins
Arizona Muse
Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb
Bayo Akomolafe
Bella Keegan 
Ben Goldsmith
Ben Potgieter
Bill Adams
Caroline Lucas MP
Cathy McFadden
Chris Packham
Chris Rose
Christabel Reed
Daniel Christian Wahl
Danielle Celermajer
Daze Aghaji
Deborah Curtis
Dominique Palmer
Dr Joanna Miller Smallwood
Dr Jude Currivan
Dr Stephan Paul Harding
Emeritus Professor Rupert Reed 
Emma Montlake
Forster Communications
Gavin Turk
Gayhurst Community School
Geetie Singh-Watson
Georgina Gorman
Guy Shrubsole
Guy Singh-Watson
Hakon Evjemo
Harry Jenkinson
Helen Browning
Helena Norberg-Hodge
House of Hackney Team
James Wallace
Jane Davidson
Jennifer Kate Haycock
Jenny Jones
Jess Day
Joanna Lewis
Joanna Miller Smallwood
John Elkington
John O'Brien
Joho Mehta
Jonathon Porritt
Jon Moses
Joycelyn Longdon
Kalpana Arias
Kingsmead Primary School
Kresse Wesling
Lawyers for Nature Team
Lee Schofield
Lewis Winks
Love Ssega
Lucy Gavaghan
Mandeville Primary School
Margherita Cornaglia
Maria Fernandez Garcia
Mary Portas
Matthew Hunt
Melanie Challenger
Mumta Ito
Nadia Shaikh
Neil Burnell
Neil W. Williams
Nick Hayes
Nina Montenegro
Paul Powelsland
Phoebe Tickell
Poppy Okotcha
Professor Mika Peck
Right to Roam
River Action UK
Rob Percival
Robert Macfarlane
Rupert Read
Rupert Sheldrake
Sam Lee
Sara Bender
Sarah Dalrymple
Satish Kumar
Schumacher College
Scout Studio
Simeon Rose 
Sir Partha Dasgupta
Sir Tim Smit
Sophie Howarth
Sophie Shnapp
Stephan Paul Harding
Stop Ecocide
Sue Miller
The Lost Gardens of Heligan 
Tiffany Stephens
Tim Lash
Tom Brenan
Tom Oliver
Will Kemp
Will McCallum
A special thank you to Nina Montenegro, for contributing her artwork Against Forgetting for the logo.

And to John Considine MA DPhil FSA, Professor emeritus, Department of English, University of Alberta, Canada, who helped us with our submission to the Oxford English Dictionary

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