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“We are living in times of mass disconnection from Nature. We have forgotten our connection to the natural world; that we are part of Nature and that we need Nature. But within this is a story of hope. We are witnessing the rising of a collective remembrance and yearning to reconnect, and this is just the beginning.”

Frieda Gormley, House of Hackney

House of Hackney is the B Corp brand inspiring people to protect our common home by bringing the beauty of Nature into theirs.

Championing craft, compassion and community, their mission is to contribute to the restoration of Nature and our quality of life on Earth.

They are evolving from a B Corp ‘sustainable’ brand to a regenerative one. This means going beyond simply ‘sustaining’ and instead, actively making things better. With Mother Nature & Future Generations sitting on their board of directors, they pledge to put people and planet before profit. They believe they have a responsibility to use their platform as a force for good, and in the power of creativity and collaboration to make a real change.
“At the moment Nature does not have a voice in the decisions we take that are scientifically proven to be driving climate breakdown and destroying biodiversity. Our view is that we have separated ourselves from Nature and see ourselves as exceptional rather than interdependent on Nature and this is a root cause of our behaviour as a species towards our natural world.”

Jessie Mond Wedd, Lawyers for Nature

Lawyers for Nature is a collective of lawyers, researchers and campaigners who have come together to work on behalf of nature. Incorporated as a Community Interest Company, their origins lie in the successful legal assistance they gave to a grassroots campaign, saving 17,000 street trees from being felled in Sheffield. Lawyers For Nature aims to democratise access to legal support for those seeking to defend the natural world. One of their core philosophies is the rights of nature. They advocate for a programme of system change where ecosystems and non-human species have legal rights and personhood. They encourage and support others to incorporate the concept of rights of nature into their organisations and policy spaces.
Lawyers for Nature are seeing significant impact with their work Nature on the Board, where they work with businesses, such as House of Hackney and Faith In Nature, to appoint the voice of Nature to decision making spaces such as boards of directors. They have also been working with river charities and communities to promote constitutional rights for rivers. Recently they advised the People's Assembly in Ireland about rights of nature, resulting in a recommendation to the Irish government.
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The impact of your support has the power to help truly consider Nature as our Home.

What we believe about our place in Nature, largely determines how we perceive, value, shape and interact with it.

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